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Zhongke - new English web successful online![ 05-07 11:05 ]
First of all thank customers eager concern, support and all the hard work, destinati colleagues - electronic English web (division smoothly, and in 2011 edition on March 7th successful online!
ADSL separator function[ 05-07 11:00 ]
The first kind, ADSL work in all the rate mode (FULLRATE), because the phone's transient murmurs (such as picking hang) will interfere with ADSL operation. In order to prevent this kind of case, must add a small external type separator.
Cable performance test method. The indicators of quality[ 05-07 10:53 ]
Actually the quality of the string of local area network transmission performance for the most direct impact test line, so in the process of string of choose and buy is a very important link of, only see and test can select the string in the good and evil people mixed up to really make their market, also only assured products, we can obtain more to test the string for true feelings, the author and everybody detailed how to talk about to carry on the omni-directional string testing.
Terminals and solutions to the common failures[ 05-07 10:24 ]
Terminals the common failures have contact undesirable, insulation malnutrition and fixed and poor main reason, terminal plastic insulation materials and conductive parts directly related to the quality, they are respectively, terminals, terminal blocks insulation determines and conductive properties, the material is produced failure reason.
Electronic connectors plastic material selection[ 05-07 10:22 ]
Electronic connectors structure is divided into touch and insulated parts two parts. Touch including insert needle and jack two, plays the role of electric touch, materials for copper and alloy good conductors of electricity, its surface silver or gold-plated processing to improve corrosion resistance and prevent rust. The role of insulated parts for will touch fixed and maintain insulation states, USES the Pyrex plastics