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ADSL fault processing line fault[ 05-07 09:51 ]
ADSL troubleshooting setting mainly from cable faults and ADSL indicator light is normal also will drop nets two routers similarities and differences, introduced th can finish setting, there is nothing to it. Quickly entered the wireless world to come.
The computer can't identify USB solutions[ 05-07 09:50 ]
Friends often meet this kind of situation, MP3, MP4, USB key or cell phone use, a computer data received inserted in the computer is connected with this computer hints of a USB device not work normally Windows cannot identify, what is this?
USB2.0 interface esd protection scheme[ 05-07 09:44 ]
With the rapid development of modern society, we rely on electronic equipment is growing. The modern computer more and more of the low power of logic chip, because the dielectric breakdown and MOS bipolar reverse "current restriction, make these logic chips are very sensitive to ESD. Most USB integrated circuits are based on CMOS technology to design and manufacture, this cause them to ESD caused damage is very sensitive, in addition, USB port is hot plug and play system, vulnerable user or air
ADSL common fault solution highlights[ 05-07 09:42 ]
For ADSL common failures, now part of it is used again, but for virtual dial-up user name and password, it often will be some users accidentally give made changes, and therefore not up nets, meet such problems, as long as the set to the correct users each and password.
HDMI silicon solutions and ESD circuit protection strategy[ 05-07 09:38 ]
With the increasing of high-definition content sources and whole hd content in the introduction of HDMI technology, to higher bandwidth and more functional direction. The latest HDMI1.3 version not only support consumer electronic control (CEC) function
Commercial Batteries Power Unmanned Aerial Vehicles[ 12-09 11:58 ]
  More than 7000 unmanned aerial vehicles have been used in two Middle-East wars, and newer, smaller, and better ones are being designed and built every day.      Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are relative newcomers to the modern ...
Cell phone battery dead? Scientists suggest going for a jog to charge it[ 12-09 11:56 ]
Researchers at the University of Southern California have tipped our friend Graphene as the best material for electrodes in a new design for a flexible organic solar cell. The new design could lead to photovoltaics so flexible they could one day be made into fabric, the researchers say.
Electric cars are the way to go[ 12-09 11:54 ]
NOT many people know this but the electric vehicle (EV) was actually launched before the internal combustion engine. In the late 19th century, the EV was more popular than the early motorised carriages. The latter were rough and noisy and difficult to drive.
In 2007, certificate of tax.[ 06-18 16:57 ]
2007 risheng chemical tax 480 million yuan.
In 2008, certificate of tax.[ 06-18 16:54 ]
Risheng chemical 2008 annual tax more than 700 million yuan.
In 2006, certificate of tax[ 06-14 09:19 ]
The time of its chemical tax more than two million yuan
Tax credit certificate[ 06-14 09:19 ]
Tax credit certificate