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This site facing the global buyers online business world, through long-term stable propaganda and development, it has become China's exports by powerful channel, Chinese enterprises and global buyers high praise. In booming e-commerce era, more and more Chinese enterprises need deep and extensive promotion services. To assist the excellent export enterprise advanced, get more business opportunities.


For domestic high-grade telephone accessories market blank, has set up a file in the domestic lighting, small home appliance market a well-known philips launched timely much money in high-grade, high quality, high technical content of cordless telephones and has a rope telephone, and work hard for years to China to announce DECT digital cordless phones on the market. According to the securities times reported, the philips to enter the market "the gifts" is HWCD1888 type series cordless phones, this product is striking characteristics of typical Europe type style, with classical model, the quality of excellence, and adopt "staged" streamline design, in addition, also having rich administrative levels feels the convenient sex and comfort, call distance is farther and timbre, and using the latest domestic clear product quality management requirements, have "anti-electromagnetism interference" ability.


According to national agency chief business representative philips tan is introduced: philips launched new products including period, a rope wireless altogether 8 types, and the function setting try to meet domestic consumer use. At present our country telephone market has become saturated low-end products, but high-end market still have a large gap. Philips telephone in European market share of more than 30%. Philips consumer goods in China also have 10 years of history, the domestic market to aggressively to produce high-quality telephone, rapid fills domestic high-grade unit accessories market blank. Philips phone China agent shenzhen taifeng communication electronic Co., LTD is a domestic has 15 years history, the sales network huge, reputable professional brand company. The telephone Both sides hope qiangqiang cooperation realize win-win innings.