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Zhongke - new English web successful online!

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First of all thank customers eager concern, support and all the hard work, destinati colleagues - electronic English web (division smoothly, and in 2011 edition on March 7th successful online!

Zhongke - electronic is in the world full access to the Internet e-commerce era, in order to adapt to the rapid development of electronic commerce, make full use of electronic commerce convenient, quick and intuitive, updating the characteristics of more quickly, make customer better know us, the more convenient and fast solve the problems.

After several years of rapid development, division - electronic has become ADSL separator, telephone plug or other communication with powerful competition and annex field excellent enterprise. Introduction is as follows:

A, company product lines include: ADSL speech separator, power lines of a MODEM, telephone turn connector, communication socket, PCB JACK, network conversion connectors, HDMI cable, etc.

Second, the departments are: molding department, take line department, tooling department, plug-ins patch department, court since department, assembling a, assembling department ii, administration, market, business, procurement, quality, engineering, PMC, financial and meizhou division, for a total of 500 people.

Third, the company qualification certification: ISO9001-2002 / UL/CE/CCC/ROHS, etc

Zhongke - in a skillful technology, electronic stable quality, reasonable price, excellent service, the principle of good faith, customer value as the center, continuously improve their own competitiveness, with customers to keep long-term trust, cooperation and development. We all my colleagues will always stick to the development tenet, efforts will the quality and service to customers more subtle, it more close support. We and you a progress!