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The computer can't identify USB solutions

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Friends often meet this kind of situation, MP3, MP4, USB key or cell phone use, a computer data received inserted in the computer is connected with this computer hints of a USB device not work normally Windows cannot identify, what is this?

First of all, if your computer outfit is Windows 98 system, the subject must install the corresponding hardware driver can normal recognition USB devices, but formal electronic peripherals with driver CD, commonly according to guide hints as to complete installation. If is windowsXP system appear such hint, first, may be the product itself the quality question, the first in other machines try, if additional several computers all not line, can "it must be a hardware problem. Second, if other machine can use, it is most likely system, the system is the intelligent identification USB device service by artificial disable (default is open), it will be open method is: control panel - management tools (classic view, and then next) - service UniversalPlugandPlayDeviceHost service project is check if disabled, the ban is set to enabled.

So, the computer can't identify USB device basically has the following kinds:

(1) Lead USB cable to connect the wrong

When the motherboard USB line and chassis pre-release USB interface on the positive and negative meet corresponding connect against this will happen, this also is such fault plus or minus very dangerous, because at the very may make USB device burned. So try to adopt the USB interface rear chassis with an extension cord, also less. May also be fracture has a problem, can change a USB port try.

(2) The USB interface voltage inadequate

When the mobile hard up in front USB port is possible on system cannot identify the device's failure. Reason is mobile hard power is bigger request voltage is relatively strict, front interface may not provide enough voltage, of course, inferior power may also caused the problem. The solution is moving harddisk don't connect the in front USB interface, replace the power supply or inferior low power to avoid using external power supply hard disk box, if conditional word.

(3) The mainboard and compatibility problems

This kind of faults of the most famous is the compatibility and USB NF2 motherboard. If you are in the motherboard NF2 encounter on the questions, can install the latest nForce2 special USB2.0 drive and patch, the latest motherboard patch and operating system patch, or didn't try to break once motherboard BIOS generally can solve.

(4) The system or BIOS problem

When you are in the BIOS or operating systems banned USB will happen in the system USB devices cannot identify. The solution is open and USB device related options. Is the boot press F2 or DEL key, enter BIOS, put enableusbdevice choose enable.

Basically all try later described above methods should be no more any problems. Finally, to grasp the correct use of USB device method, use the USB devices should be safety after launch. Insert pull should take care all the more, literacy must never pull out when, otherwise may have burned chip. WindowsXP task bar in a USB devices in the icon, open the icon will show U disk in the list, select the equipment equipment discontinued, and then you can pull out equipment, this will compare safety.