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Electronic connectors plastic material selection

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Electronic connectors plastic material selection


Electronic connectors is electronic products between each component of the electrical activity connected components (fixed fittings for joint or solder joints, another kind of activities for connecting components


Switch, widely used in electronic equipment. As for the extension rooms, extension and the electrical connection between acoustic equipment; Used in vacuum tubes, helium tube with other electronic components such as the electrical connection between; Used for antenna, high frequency




The electrical connection between and instruments. The advantages of electronic connectors is easy to change from such as, inserted through simple pull, only can, replace inserted process of lap, welding, screw connection and rivet connections; fixed links And can use concentrated connection, but a connection multiple components. Along with the printed circuit board and electronic components of unceasing renewal and easy to change electronic connectors used more widely, and more and more is also high on its request, is heading for a longer and more compact, the more precise the direction of development. Such as electronic connectors of the insertion point by an average of 2.5 mm drop spacing for 0.8 mm, thickness has less than 1.3 mm, flatness for 0.13 mm


Electronic connectors structure is divided into touch and insulated parts two parts. Touch including insert needle and jack two, plays the role of electric touch, materials for copper and alloy good conductors of electricity, its surface silver or gold-plated processing to improve corrosion resistance and prevent rust. The role of insulated parts for will touch fixed and maintain insulation states, USES the Pyrex plastics


Electronic connectors with plastic material performance requirements


The biggest of electronic connectors for meet the performance requirements by using new assembled electronic device installation technology (SMT) surface, this technology has the requirements of electronic device assembly market 50%. It USES high temperatures, automation complete assembly required material has higher heat-resistance and dimensional stability. Surface installation technology USES gas phase welding and infrared again in 250 soldering, need flow ℃ temperatures 5 seconds, in addition to the required material heat-resisting is required to resist the cleaning liquid erosion


Taken together, the specific performance requirements docked plugins are as follows:


Better dielectric electronic connectors, the low frequency required insulation resistance


High and dielectric strength high, average contacts between contacts between, between with grounding of the insulation resistance should be more than 1 Ω; In the low 0.44 MPa, test voltage, not for 500V should produce arc and breakdown phenomenon. The high frequency of electronic connectors, in addition to meeting the requirements above requirements, high frequency dielectric loss small, dielectric constant is small


Second-ranking heat temperature high general thermal deformation temperature in 200 ℃ above, to install technology with resistance in surface temperature or welded and resistant to peacetime connectors itself. The fever temperature of good guarantee arc resistance second-ranking to resist in plug-in installation process produces arc to plastic damage. Second-ranking flame retardancy good prevent abnormal circumstances in short circuit, etc, in order to avoid fire the harm to human body of poisonous gases, had better use halogen-free flame retardant materials. The mechanical properties of Washington have enough good toughness, in case thrust; Bending strength, high to prevent stress deformation; In certain specific test conditions for the vibration shock conditions (vibration frequency 20 ~ 60Hz 5g), acceleration, inserted 500 times plastic mechanical damage and fracture doesn't appear phenomenon. Second-ranking suitable for linear expansion coefficient was embedded thing is small, taking the temperature changes with embed a link is still strong. High in specific dimension stability second-ranking after use of process, stress, creep decrescent, not warp temperature, expansion small after. General requirement touch the dimension precision between pitch for level 6 to maintain. Second-ranking with better processing liquidity electronic connectors increasingly miniaturized requirements.


Second-ranking good nairongji plastic by solvent role in performance, should be treated no corrosion and craze. Washington does not produce corrosive gas plastic parts in use process, should not have silver layer corrosive gas, in order to prevent the influence of touch electric conductivity. Electronic connectors with insulating plastic material choice of usable thermosets - phenolic resin (PF), poly phthalic acid two allyl ester (DAP), epoxy resin (EP) and unsaturated polyester (UP), etc. Available -- glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic PET, PBT, PCT (poly terephthalic acid ring has base oxalic ester), PTT terephthalic acid (poly propylene glycol esters), PA6, PA66 PA6T, PA9T, PA46, and PA612, PPS, LCP, PSF (poly sulphone), PEI (polyether imide possess), PES (polyether sulphone), PASF (poly PAE (PSF), fragrance gather aryl ethers), etc. Germany hurst company produces a modified PPS, commodities, dedicated to surface called Fortron1140L7 installation technology connectors materials. Modified PPS than the average of liquidity PPS, 50% higher shape cycle shortens 50%, molding pressure is reduced by 40%, can add the glass fibers increase 40%. In addition, the company also develop new LCP VectraE130, processing, commodity called ℃, the temperature can reduce 50 molding pressure can reduce 50%, molding cycle can greatly shorten, but molding is quite thin and small