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Corporate event

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Zhongke - electronic Co., ltd., located in the mission hills golf club used guanlan shenzhen (near the new planning high-tech industrial park zone) of Taiwan. The joint stock limited company, taixiang. The main production factory registered domestic ADSL separator, world telephone turn joints, telephone socket, 623K616E socket, PCB RJ45 JACK, belt filter, the electric power cats, FILTTER router products, communication network connections connectors, direct, tee, ox horn, line, network line, etc.; Locomotive, electrical connectors, connectors, which gathers die design development, electroplating, injection molding, assembly for the integration of professional manufacturing factory.

The company in 1993 to enter the mainland, 2002 as major customer "Japan panasonic" electric factories in Malaysia, the major expansion taixiang stake in Malaysia. Shenzhen development division - in the original equipment and technical strength, management personnel, testing equipment and superior customer continually on the basis of innovative development. At the same time through the ISO9001:2000 quality certification, and the products accord with UL, achieved European Union ROHS standards.