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Cable performance test method. The indicators of quality

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In the process of established LAN, people often go at showering buys high-grade nic, switches, routers, and ignores the "ordinary" line quality.

Actually the quality of the string of local area network transmission performance for the most direct impact test line, so in the process of string of choose and buy is a very important link of, only see and test can select the string in the good and evil people mixed up to really make their market, also only assured products, we can obtain more to test the string for true feelings, the author and everybody detailed how to talk about to carry on the omni-directional string testing.

1, Test the speed of the string

To test the cable transmission speed differential line is the most effective means of quality authenticity; Tests in order to more close to reality use environment, as well as reduce interference link, the author suggest using dual machine straight league manner. Meanwhile in order to ensure the accuracy of the test, try to use good quality brand nic, ensure test won't happen hardware bottlenecks; Also want to make sure that the computer system clean, tidy, fast operation, or the computer itself will influence the running speed of transmission speed string. In addition, doing connection string is to use good quality crystal head, must also ensure thrum doing standard, only such ability will external factors of influence of cable transmission speed reduced to the minimum extent.

2, Checked to make the flexibility

Quality good string considerations in design capabilities to wiring as possible is very flexible, however, and bending is very convenient, and not easy to be broken. And there are many on the market at present in order to get high profiteer sales profit in the original is pure copper, the quality of the other part in string into the metal components, such cheap reach cost will drop, but cable itself but the quality and performance of big different, the phenomenon is displayed no longer so cable texture lines, transmission speeds of soft lines also sell at a discount greatly. If in wiring process, repeatedly, if the string bending such inside the copper cable lines might be broken. Of course, if found, if too soft lines also want to notice that it is possible to fake and inferior products.

2, Test reach can burn sex

Generally the material composed string must resist combustion sex, otherwise appear what a fire it, just disastrous. So everyone in the selection, must check when string string cortical can burn sex, in order to distinguish authenticity. In specific test, we may first used scissors to cut take 2 centimeters length of cable with lighter skin, and then to the skin burning, quality goods reach in the skins will gradually fireworks to melt under barbecue deformation, but certainly not their skins flames; If found the husk of the line of fire, a little test could flames word, that string of transmission speed again how high should also give up choice, after all this string in wiring project is very unsafe, use it will remain very big potential safety problems. The author ever get a DuanZhengPin cable, and also with fake cable with lighter light them, found after 6 seconds, quality goods line just take white smoke and over time, gradually melting deformation, and less than two seconds, fake cable was easily, and a lit up with black smoke produce.

4, Test reach of temperature-to-resistance sex

Wiring project of cable in the outside temperature changes have resisted quite tall requirement, not able to resist any environmental change it, at least not in high temperature or lines under different temperature conditions or DongLie by softening. In order to guarantee the string under the environment of high temperature performance is not affected by skins, quality goods cable material can resist temperatures around 50 test, won't appear similar cable was softened or distortion phenomenon. If intercepted a short string is cortical, beside the stove for a period of time, and found that the skin than normal skin tender words, that means the cable quality certainly not perfect.

When in actual select cable, sometimes the lack of test environment or conditions, not through the method above the quality or materials for cable, you may as well tested by observing the logo skins string string to identify the authenticity. Usually, the string of regular brand on the skin types of string of trademark logo and manufacturers, such as CAT5 logo is said the string is 5 kinds of line CAT6 marks, representing string is six class lines; If the string word of what logo nor skins, they should be vigilant, trying to create conditions, in accordance with the above methods to test to identify lines.

5, Testing cable from the round

Everyone know common twisted-pair cable is by four groups mutual winding string together. So-called from the string is actually string around the length of a quarter Newcastle rao, usually people use to represent each round of from the line on the mutual winding close degree, and each pair of lines in order to extend to produce crosstalk between each other, down to the smallest degree of press will often line counterclockwise closely intertwined with each pair of lines, and to adopt around the same distance is should not. But many production lines to reduce the production link, profiteer often will reduce process cost according to the same four pairs of line around the distance of winding, even many inferior string around the distance, such as a few centimeters actually line on the crosstalk between it soars, seriously affected the performance of the string.

6, Test cortical stretching

Considering the string in wiring often need to bend, so many regular manufacturers in production line to leave skin a certain stretching to ensure the string is not damaged bends. So everybody hands pull regular cable, it was found that the skin is stretching. If the force will break, or skin skins string under external force, a crack in the phenomenon that the string word, the quality to have a problem.

Believe that the content of the above see, many friends certainly will be a surprise, usually possible from the quality of care, did not think of string inside actually had a little cable so much "mystery". Remember the author's a friend had spent $250 for a box of cable for, when he bought internal price and satisfied. Results in 30 meters that line the distance can only achieve 1MB/S speed, apparently on the profiteer when! Here, the writ