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ADSL fault processing line fault

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ADSL troubleshooting setting mainly from cable faults and ADSL indicator light is normal also will drop nets two routers similarities and differences, introduced th can finish setting, there is nothing to it. Quickly entered the wireless world to come.


Example 1: cable fault


Fault phenomena: more computers through with ADSL Modem troubleshooting on share Internet. Check local connection, network connection icon in the taskbar be showed, it did not appear "x" (in fact when Internet links connected to a network icon often has an "x"), and then check network connection status, found that only sends a packet, receives packets for 0, virtual dial-up dial the impassability.


Troubleshooting: first observation on the port, on light. The ping < >, normal nic IP address returns information. Local nics should be normal, but the ping impassability other computer and Modem. Secondly, on the port DiaoHuan in on, even directly connected to ADSL fault handling of a Modem, fault is still, which has also ruled out on port fault.


So we can conclude that line has a problem, then checked his lines, look to whether distorted or rupture. We did not find anomalies, then in twisted-pair cable ends in turn redone crystal joints, fault or head unsolved. So calmly consider for a moment, there are four twisted-pair head of line, crystal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 position in turn for white orange, orange, green, blue, white, green, brown, Hester prynne, the actual use of white brown is one of two pairs of line.


They row in crystal head 1, 2, and 3, 6 position. Because receives packets for 0, doubt is one of a pair of line has problems (white orange, orange or white green, green, in fact should be row in 3 and 6 location data for receiving a pair of lines in), hence twisted-pair joints, redone ends in accordance with unconventional row line in order: crystal head 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 position in turn for white orange, orange, Hester prynne, brown, brown, blue and white white green, green, of course, still keep 1, 2, 3, for a pair of line 6 for a line.


Reconnecting good twisted-pair cable, problem solved. In order to further proof my judgment: white green, green this pair of line has a problem, then just borrowed the cable tester, indeed as expected measurement white green, green this pair of lines, but due to understand 7 and 8 position this pair of line is spare line, actually doesn't work on the network connection and have no effect.


Fault reason: 5 kinds of UTP twisted-pair cable has 4 line, actual use for the are two sending and receiving data, because 1, 2, or 3, 6 position, a couple lines malfunction caused network communication breakdown, in fact it makes 4, 5 and 7, 8 position for line two fracture also won't affect network communication.


Example 2: ADSL fault handling the indicator light is normal also will drop nets


Fault phenomena: more computers through with ADSL troubleshooting on share Internet, ADSL Modem okay, the indicator of fault handling a greenish, sometimes also dropped. Troubleshooting: restart Modem, system normal. After Then made a double nic proxy server, the computer through the proxy server online, never happened this phenomenon.


Fault reason: in ADSLModem has a "is the maximum distance that 10base-t" port, the port is connect LAN, is actually a on port. Although it is 10 MB port, but only a few hundred uplink bandwidths ADSL Kbit/s. If the user LAN fault handling internal is directly connected on ADSL, on the client, then linked below many in the network with ADSL troubleshooting irrelevant packet will occupy ADSL troubleshooting uplink channel, ADSL troubleshooting cannot control the broadcast storm in LAN.


If more than ADSL uplink transmission capacity, packet will load ADSL cache. If data quantity continue to increase, buffer overflow, cause ADSL "dormant" phenomenon, so that only restarting Modem. Solution, capital not too strong line users can do a double nic proxy server (must double nic), so you can partition of a Modem and LAN, avoid the direct communication between the above problems. If conditions allow the commissions.the firewall or router.