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ADSL common fault solution highlights

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For ADSL common failures, now part of it is used again, but for virtual dial-up user name and password, it often will be some users accidentally give made changes, and therefore not up nets, meet such problems, as long as the set to the correct users each and password.

Local connection was disabled. (only 2000 / XP users have this problem), solution online neighbor right-click attribute, local connection right enabled. AD problem with the device itself for AD cat, it usually have lights, through the indicator light is can tell exactly is what place here in huawei's fault, how to explain the cat AD by judge fault indicator.

Power green electricity. ChangLiang show equipment ChangLiang ADSLLINK green jie lamp that is normal, if links with ADSL a glowing, please contact your local touch on broadband. ADSLACT green light flashing show ADSL links have data traffic. LANLINK green or orange light that even ChangLiang LuZhengChang, green says LAN for data transfer rate 10Mbps.

Orange lamp said data transmission rate for 100Mbps: if the lights are out, please check the machine interfaces or switch equipment (whether connection or damaged.) LANACT green light flashing a data flow that Ethernet. If above lights have not normal flashing, proof of your cat have questions, please contact your local touch on broadband.

Separator to answer the method is not correct. Now some cat again have separator, use separator can reduce signal interference on the line for the separators, there are three interface, three interface connection must correct. These three interfaces are respectively.

A LINE mouth: connect the phone jacks

A mouth: connect telephone please

A MODEM mouth: connection ADSL port

For ADSL common faults of wiring the time must be careful, if you want to and metope between the phone taps and answer the phone, please be sure to pick separator string, before hanging up the phone or preach lead to losses, and this voice quality, still can appear network disconnected.

ADSL common fault: the problem about often break

A line of the resistance is too big, for such problems, the simplest inspection method is in the attachment right circumstances, picked up the phone and listen to any noise. Then, with a local telecom departments for resistance measurement. Solution looking for you on the department's broadband to solve.

A virus problem. If machines in the virus, sometimes also can make network often dropped. Solution, thorough antivirus.

A system itself. Remaking system.